• Good news and a surprise, each prospector for gold ore and gold mines and sandstone.
• If you want to get rich in a few hours and the extraction of larger quantities.
• Gold ore clearly and easily as soon God willing.
• Dear Customer, and to not push Atrsl one dollar by the experience of a real field Zorna at the headquarters of the company and bring your piece of gold weighing not to exceed more than a quarter gram.
• And try the device before you buy any way you like.


• A very modern with a great specification to search for gold ore.
• E is equipped with intelligent automatic setting the effective detection of gold.
• Cancel the settings so that the earth is tuned automatically from the device.
• Control Systems with sound and light to provide multiple energy.
• System cancel unwanted metals from detection, where the device becomes Looking for Gold (only).
• Ability to adjust the received signal and filtered to know what type of metal from it.
• Re-design and to strengthen the power amplifier and the battery in order to improve the strength of signals from the target to help distinguish and hear the sound when the discovery of gold veins and very small grains of it.
• Easy to deal with the device and modify it at any time.
• The machine is equipped with 6 different systems and adjust the sensitivity of the land where which mode is selected the appropriate place or goal.
• Battery is working 12-hour rechargeable battery.
• Depth of the device up to 3 meters.
• Ensure that international for 3 years.
• U.S. industry.

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